GLUE’s contributors are runners and cyclists. They like to get a bit dirty.

Editor Salina Christmas
Contributor Zarina Holmes

GLUE-SalinaSalina Christmas writes about technology. For a living, she works as a digital marketer and journalist. She is no stranger to lycra jerseys prior to being a rider. She used to cox for several rowing clubs in Putney and Hammersmith. She’s gone back to running, and somehow got sucked into training for triathlon. She doesn’t like swimming.

GLUE-ZarinaZarina Holmes is a designer and photographer. So, naturally she loves all things shiny-techy and stylish. In her past life, she used to day-dream about cycling and running during her long-hours commute. One day she woke up and did exactly that – cycling and running around everywhere. It feels great. She founded GLUE Studio.