At GLUE Studio, a clean pair of trainers is a sign of a life half-lived.

Photo © GLUE / Holmes.cc
Photo © GLUE Studio

smellslikeglue is a blog on cycling, running and active life. Our aim is to transform the dull, sedentary lifestyle into an active existence.

After a spate of illnesses, our founders decided “enough is enough with the work-life imbalance”. So we took up cycling, running and bike maintenance (where the smell of the workshop inspired the blog’s name)

We constantly look for a better way to live, and to fit an active lifestyle around the jobs that we love to do. We applied this philosophy at work through GLUE Studio.

smellslikeglue is about having fun and getting your life mojos back. In other words: get rocking with whatever you have got. It is aimed to both men and women, regardless of ages. It is never too late to say Aloha! to your active life.

We try to review running and cycling experiences whenever we can (We have daytime jobs). We welcome your invitations to test rides and review sports products.