Long overdue campaign aims to get women to exercise

Sport England’s #ThisGirlCan campaign aims to get women to find time to exercise. Long overdue, but better now than never.

I only found out about Sport England’s campaign, #ThisGirlCan, via the announcement of the duathlon and triathlon introduction course to be organised in March by our triathlon coach, Beate Vogt. The course, to be held on 8 March 2015 at the Lee Valey VeloPark, will focus on bike and run. It is endorsed by Triathlon England.

I think it is brilliant that Sport England has got the financial incentive to carry out the campaign to get women to adopt a healthier lifestyle. As mentioned in my previous blog, I am not a fan of the gambling industry, having worked in it for one year (online gambling is the antithesis of active lifestyle), but it’s the least that The National Lottery, the awarding body of the campaign, could do with its public donation – to get women away from the bingo table and *move*.

Thumbs up to the video production crew for using Missy Elliot’s track, “Get Ur Freak On”. Very feminist rapper.

My only critique of the video campaign is the absence of skeletal thin women. Yes, you read that right: thin women. I understand the emphasis is on getting heavier women with body confidence issue to exercise. But do not forget the anorexic women, and those who purposely don’t want to bulk up for fear of looking less feminine – or wanting to emulate the ridiculous model’s “thigh gap”.

I am skinny but would give anything to have thunder thighs and bigger arms for cycling and swimming. Weight gain, however, has always been elusive, and to an extent, a hindrance to my sporting achievements. Don’t forget us, too. We all have the same problem with regards to training: having to divide our leisure time into slots of social life, exercising, house chores and personal grooming for beauty – outside work.

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