Ideas for romantic and active weekend

Whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day or not, spending time outdoors with loved ones is a brilliant way to strengthen your relationship. Here’s a few fun ideas for you to have a romantic time, while staying active.

1. Have a cycle ride together

This is easy if both of you are cyclists. If your partner is not a cyclist, avoid your usual 100km solo route that will make your partner knackered and sweaty. The idea is to take it easy and enjoy the ride as a couple. Take a short train ride out of town with your bikes and cycle around for a few hours.

Photo © Zarina Holmes / GLUE
Storm in A Cupcake offerings at Cremone Road. Photo © Zarina Holmes / GLUE

2. Food discovery. Go to a new cafe or pub that your partner has never been to before

Active people enjoy discovering new things and a bit of adventure. Avoid the busy high street and look for charming places located on the small side streets. We love hidden gems like Storm in A Cupcake at 42 Cremorne Road in Chelsea SW10 0PE. The café opens  on Saturdays from 10.30am – 1.00pm.

3. Attend a yoga session together

Set the alarm clock at 7am and go to morning yoga together. The test of true love is when your beloved can accept what you really look like in the morning. And of course you are beautiful inside and outside, because you do core exercises.

4. Skip the public transport and have a long walk

Have you seen the film Before Sunset? We spend too much time on the internet and mobiles with hardly any time for quality one-to-one interactions. If the weather is good and you don’t live too far away, have a nice stroll home through the City and along the river. Consider the scenic routes that that you never had time to admire during your work commute.

Photos © Zarina Holmes / GLUE
On Valentine’s evening such as this, the London Eye will be lit in red instead of blue. Photos © Zarina Holmes / GLUE

5. Go to the market together

Food is… the food of love. Go to the market together to find fresh ingredients for your lunch or dinner later. Surprise yourselves with unusual ingredients that you don’t normally get in supermarkets.

Have fun!

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