GLO’s healthy winter eating tips

Our contributor this month is healthy eating and lifestyle coach, Gloria Yip

Being part of the GLUE family, I want to share with you some of my healthy tips on eating well during the seasons, some green living at home, whether it be part of your daily routine or in the kitchen and keeping up with that hectic lifestyle by looking at using ORGANIC whole food ingredients, (non processed, mind you) which taste great.

Make soup for dinner and bring it in for work the next lunch. Photo © Gloria Yip
Make soup for dinner and bring it in for work the next lunch. Photo © Gloria Yip

So January is behind us (YES, finally!!), but there’s still February to come. If you have been fighting that cold or constant runny nose and finding it ‘Ohh So Hard’ to get rid of it all. Then why not try one or all of the tips below to up your energy and nutrients to help you through this damp and cold winter still upon us.

1) Up the Water

Try 2 litres a day ideally from glass bottles. Yes, I know it’s not easy for those who don’t like the taste. But why not try adding 1/2 a juice of a lemon/lime to a glass of water. The bonus? It helps you to detox too. Think of it like this; by having more water in your system, you are in fact cleansing away impurities by flushing out your hard-working kidney, liver and bowels, making it easier for them to keep up. Soon you will have glowing skin and helps your mind’s clarity too.

2) Make soup for dinner and bring it in for work the next lunch

A recipe I’ve been following and works a treat is: Take 2 or 3 vegetables you have from the fridge, for example, I like kale, courgette and onions. Pan fry in some coconut oil/butter until they are lightly browned. Season with salt and pepper, some of your favourite herbs – like coriander, parsley and oregano. Cover with water and simmer for 20-30mins. Pour into a blender and blend till smooth. Mix in a half to one tablespoon of Miso paste (full of bioavailable fermented goodness!) and blend thru quickly. There you have it! A warm bowl of goodness that is delicious.

3) Try eating more fruit

Ideally no more than 2 whole fruits a day can help you fight those sugar cravings and also keep you hydrated. Seasonal fruits at the moment include: blood oranges, clementines, kiwi fruit, oranges, passion fruit, pears, pineapple, pomegranate, rhubarb, satsumas, tangerines. What I like to do is add them to salads, stir fry dishes and stews, the possibilities there are endless really. Try stir-fried pork with pineapple, orange chicken casserole and beef salad with pomegranate just to name a few.

GLO’s Tip: 21 days make a habit Change is never easy, I hear you say, but try making one change at a time until it becomes your habit. Before you know it, this will be a daily part of your routine in no time.

GLO-circleOriginally from Sydney, Gloria is the Londoner’s healthy eating and lifestyle coach. She helps her clients to change their diet to get the body they want and to live more energetic and satisfied. See how she can guide you as well and write to her:

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