Speed. How to Make Things Go Really Fast. By Guy Martin

Guy Martin is an antidote to Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson. He looks like Wolverine in a racing suit and he’s much more pleasant to follow on Twitter.

In 2013, Martin attempted to break the British and Commonwealth Bike Speed Record that is held by Dave le Grys at 110 mph. Speed is the book that accompanied of the cult Channel 4’s series, where Martin seeks to find out how things go fast by exploring a range of engineering projects.

Wolverine in racing suit

The chapters in the book are illustrated with cool infographics and great photography. Each speed science theory is explained with graphic examples from the wildlife such as dolphins, lizards and birds. Riding enthusiasts will find chapters such as the Science of Sliptream, the Science of Hydroplaning and Cavitation Effect pretty compelling.

GLUE really enjoyed the book. Guy Martin is the cool physics teacher we wish we had at high school. He made science looks sexy and fun.

Speed. How to Make Things Go Really Fast. By Guy Martin. Published by Virgin Books (2014).

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