Infographic: James Bond The Drunk

A timely Christmas reminder, if not a light-hearted one, from the British Medical Journal (BMJ) on alcohol consumption.

In a paper published by the journal recently, researchers at Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust reckons that, given James Bond’s level of alcohol consumption, our special agent wouldn’t have been able to hold his glass of martini steady due to alcohol-induced tremor. His sexual appetite also makes him vulnerable to sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). That also calls into question Bond’s level of athleticism. We know that athletes, and especially multi-sporters, are not good at handling their drinks. They tend not to drink. So can Bond really be that fit?

We are sure the researchers had a great time analysing Bond’s drinking and sex habits through readings of Ian Fleming’s 007 novels, just like some math professors did for their epidemic forecast of zombies. Great infographics, BMJ.

“Drive another day”. © The British Medical Journal

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