Peter Stetina, it’s Pantai Kok, but you say Pantai Coke

So Peter Stetina, currently riding for Garmin-Sharp at Tour de Langkawi, arrived on the island, went around town and tweeted this photo.

To be honest, I find his tweet very funny, if not a reminder of what cycling dudes are like. Did he insult the local cultural sensibility? If I put my anthropologist hat on again, I’d say it depends on the context. It’s a joke.

Coke, darling.
Coke, darling.

Well, Peter, it’s pronounced as ‘Coke’ not ‘Cock’. Malaysians don’t put ‘e’ at the end of a consonant to denote a softening of the preceding vowel because then, ‘Koke’ will have to be pronounced as “Cocky’.

I read that before Langkawi, you had never been to that part of the world. Probably Asia Pacific, you meant. I have never been to Colorado myself, though I saw great photos of winter there. Put my beloved Richmond to shame. Enjoy the race, and that part of the world.

But here is a challenge: win that bitch of a Genting Highlands phase, and I bet the ladies will love you more.

Who doesn’t like a strong grinder?

And another thing: the ladies there, especially up north near the coast, got sass.

You’re right, we do love that beach.

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