Infographic: Exercise adds 30 extra minutes to your life

Sitting on your arse for a long time can be fatal. If you don’t die of boredom, you will certainly die of inactivity as this infographic shows.

The good news is that 30 minutes of exercise per day can help reduce the risk of premature death. It can improve your mood, sleep quality, brain power and overall social happiness.

According to the data presented by, physical activity is on a decline. In the US, it has dropped -32% between 1965 and 2009. It is expected to drop -14% by 2030. In the UK, it has dropped -20% between 1961 and 2005. It is expected to drop -15% by 2030.

Exercise improves one’s mood up for to 12 hours afterwards (which is a lot longer than what coffee could do in three hours). Five-minute exercise in natural settings can easily improve mood and self-esteem. So, keep training around the parks and on scenic trails.

30 minutes to a longer life: How exercise reduces your risk of premature death

Source: on Visual.y

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