Infographic: Running. The facts and figures

Running is a great additional training regime on top of cycling, especially if you are preparing for a triathlon, duathlon or cyclocross race. The infographic, which was published by The Spine and Sports Health Centre from New Jersey, US, illustrates useful facts about running and its benefits, and also the most common orthopedic injuries’ signs and symptoms.

Women are four times more likely to have foot injuries than men, due to lifelong devotion to wearing high heels. (See the infographic on The True Effects of High Heels).

If you find it a bit difficult to motivate yourself to run (yes, we know the feeling, especially in the cold winter), remember that “just thinking” about exercises can cause the heart rate to increase in anticipation of an increased need of energy. How awesome is that?

However, you still got to do the actual leg work. It takes 200 muscles to take a step, so if you manage one kilometre a day for a start, you are winning already.

Source: The Spine & Sports Health Centre on Visual.y

Running: The Facts and the Figures

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