Infographic: Fatal accidents involving professional cyclists during training

The cycling community is mourning the tragic loss of Burry Stander, South African mountain biker and former world champion, who died in a road accident while on a training ride yesterday.

It is sad way to begin the year 2013. But this is also an opportunity to move on beyond the “road war” debate and seek practical solutions to improve cycling infrastructure worldwide.

Only two months ago in November 2012, Bradley Wiggins had a close brush with fate when he was hit by a vehicle while returning home from a training ride. A few days later British Cycling head coach Shane Sutton was struck by a car in Manchester while cycling. Later in the same month, Mark Cavendish collided with a car during a training ride in Italy.

GLUE decided to chart a set of information compiled on Wikipedia. The information reveals the vulnerability of cycling athletes while training on the road, and the valuable talents that were lost due to poor road infrastructure and bad road behaviour.


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