Ryan in Adidas

We suspect the kids on Tumblr know something we don’t.

Ryan is the most popular cyclist photograph on Holmes CC Tumblr website. We bumped into the handsome young man in London SW6 while he was cycling with a group of friends. We love the way he put himself together in the bright, graphic Adidas tracksuit.

It’s not easy to wear a tracksuit combo and not look like a bum. So the trick here is to wear well-designed brands and nothing too tight-fitting. Avoid shiny shell suit material at all cost.

Note how he rolled his pant casually. (Read more on pant roll etiquette here). GLUE team gives him 10 out of 10 for attitude.

Ryan in Adidas sports gear in London SW6. Colours, check. Pants roll, check. Photo © Zarina Holmes / GLUE

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