The Gentleman Cyclist of Richmond Park

Morning chat at the Richmond Park.
Weekend morning chat at the Richmond Park. Photo © Zarina Holmes / Glue

I love Richmond Park because you can find different types of cyclists on their road bikes, hybrids, BMXs, mountain bikes and folding bikes.

The scene here is tranquil and cheerful, away from the busy public roads. We cyclists love each other, man!

I like this Gentleman Cyclist’s style (pictured, right), who had stopped to have a friendly chat with the editor of GLUE, (pictured, left, wearing GLUE’s bespoke jersey by Holmes cc). He told us that there were 300 Santas doing a charity run around the park that morning. At the time we spoke, the Santas were at Sheen Gate.

The Gentleman Cyclist wore a classic countryside cycling ensemble, consisting of a Barbour tweed cap, a three-quarter walking jacket with blue corduroy collar, a football scarf, a cream wool jumper, a pair of denim trousers, leather gloves and brown leather loafers.

This style looks great in browns and military greens, and works on anyone regardless of his or her age.

I like the way he unbuttoned his cap, making him look a bit like an engine driver.

Stylish walking jackets are available from brands such as Barbour, Hogg, Rutland and Lakson. However, you can find cheaper alternatives from most high street stores that work and look just as good.

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