The London BMX and skater look

Like any other sports, the BMX and skate style are mainly about comfort and freedom to move.

However that doesn’t mean that the riders would drop their sartorial flair altogether. Even the scruffiest boy in the skate park follows a certain dress code.

A BMX rider or skater’s attire should complement the whole look, which matches the graphic decor, the snazzy rides and the music he listens to (punk, hip hop, and so on).

Rainbow rider. Photo © Zarina Holmes

This winter, colourful hoodies are the main staple of London’s young riders. Skinny jeans are very popular now – although baggy jeans will never really go out of style. These should be themed together with aggressive and bold graphic t-shirts.

All geared up: No Fear hi tops, Nike Skateboarding trainers, Obey t-shirt and cap, Rockstar cap and Anarchy knee pads. Stunt scooters are available from Slamm, Madd, or Grit brands. Photo © Zarina Holmes

The ensemble is completed with skater caps from brands such as Rockstar or Obey, or bright skate board beanies from Neff or Puma. They are not too expensive for those who want to create a unique look, with each item priced at a minimum of £14.95.

Neff Rainbow Beanie. Available from Skate Hut.
Colourful hoodies at Royal Festival Hall skate park. Photo © Zarina Holmes


  1. Some great photos on this article. These guys look great in their cool clothes. Of course I have worried less about fashion since I became a Zombie Scooter Rider. I still appreciate fashion though.

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