Playlist: Imagine Dragons “It’s Time”

I swapped notes, at a work do, with Matt McFee of BriteVerify about tunes that we listen to while running and cycling. I said I like The Killers, despite them coming from the same state as Mitt Romney. He said I should check out Imagine Dragons, this band from Nevada. I thought it sounds like Chasing the Dragon. I had a listen anyway to its Billboard Top 40 single, It’s Time, from the album “Continued Silence”.

© 2012 Interscope Records


I’m just the same as I was
Now don’t you understand
That I’m never changing who I am

It’s Time is a song for running in the sense that you can pound your feet on the tarmac to the steady thump-thumping of the bass. Running well is about pacing well. Like (oddly enough) Killing In The Name Of by Rage Against the Machine, It’s Time gets you moving in time – though it’s much more chill than the former. And the lyrics get you thinking: man, I am not going to do a Mo Farah. This is my pace and I am keeping to it.

Is it one to add to Glue’s cycling playlist? Yeah. One to listen to when you are done with the hills and slopes, and slowly warming down to a gentler pace – or just plain coasting when the legs can’t take it anymore.

The acoustics version, with the feet-thumping, hand-clapping and tinkling banjo (or is that mandolin – folks, I honesty cannot tell) is ten times better than the radio edit. Sounds a bit more Nevada.


Single: It’s Time. Album: Continued Silence. Artist: Imagine Dragons. Released: February 14, 2012. ℗ 2012. Interscope Records.

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