Let the pants roll

Q. Why do bicycle riders ride with one pant leg rolled up?
A. Because we can, and we don’t want to break our necks.

The signature pants roll is now widely accepted as something hipster amongst cycle commuters. That is completely alright, because we want to show that we are more than lycra lovers. We like a bit of The Sartorialist too.

Jesting aside, the pants roll is essential for road safety. I have had my Converse All Star’s shoelace and leg-warmer caught in the chain ring and pedal. This was happening while 16-wheeler juggernauts whizzed pass next to me on the road. Dangerous and not pleasant.

You can buy hi-vis velcro ankle straps to secure your pants, which also double as arm bands. Unfortunately as a cyclist, you have to be great friends with your hi-vis.

Madison High Visibility Arm/Ankle Bands. £7.99 from Evans cycle.

Here are a few successful pants roll examples that I spotted in London.

A graphic designer at Saatchi Gallery. He was wearing a Manga comic strip belt and a bracelet watch. He bought the checked trousers at a church’s jumble sale. Photo © Zarina Holmes

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