Ladies Only: Saddle Pain

I got a beautiful road bike recently, which is a Claud Butler Roubaix 2012. Riding this type of bike is very different from the upright hybrid.

It came with a male saddle, which was a snazzy Velo Plush Aero with yellow stripe to match the yellow body.

Claud Butler Roubaix with Velo Plush seat.

However the saddle was excruciatingly painful for me. Sitting on it was like being perched on a cactus plant. This was because of the narrow, stiff top was pressing the soft tissues of my groin against the pelvic bones. (Sorry guys, I did warn you this article is for Ladies Only).

I was still suffering after two weeks riding in padded pants. I did rigorous research on the internet about bike saddles. So off I went to Evans Cycle to swap the racing seat with a gel seat, and have my riding position correctly adjusted. It solved the painful problem.

The offending Velo Plush racing saddle.

I also stumbled upon a brilliant blog that discussed this intimate problem in details. (Thank you, Lovely Bicycle!)

The female readers impart unconventional tips on lessening the pain, such as not shaving your Lady Garden and applying plain organic grass-fed yogurt to the sore parts.

Did you do something about your uncomfortable bike seat? Let Glue know if those tips work for you.


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